In general


  • The Association of Estonian Broadcasters (AEB) is a non-profit and non-governmental institution set up to protect the interests of radio and TV broadcasters. It has 19 members : 4 TV organisations, 14 radio organisations, and 1 video production company, which pay monthly fees. 
  • The AEB unites most of the broadcasting organisations operating in Estonia.
  • The AEB publishes books, carriers out mid-career training and participates in legislative process (the representatives of the AEB are often invited to the government working groups; also lobbying is carried out). In 1997 the AEB signed a general agreement with the Estonian Authors' Society that has also been renewed for the following periods. This agreement settles the conditions of the copyright licensing between the Authors' Society and the AEB members.
  • The AEB is one of the initiators (along with the public radio and TV, the Broadcasting Transmission Center (current Levira Ltd ) and Türi municipality) to create the Broadcasting Museum . The agreement was signed in 1999. The museum was opened to the public in December 2001. The museum is situated at Türi – a town in Central Estonia.
  • The AEB is a member of the Network of Estonian Non-Profit Organisations , and also an associated member of the National Association of Broadcasters 
  • Initially, the AEB was founded as the Association of Local Radios in April 1992. In June 1994 the Association was reorganised into the Association of Broadcasters , as also the TV organisations joined the membership.